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20 Things I’m Thankful For

November Gratitude Challenge

1. My family.
I love that I was blessed to be born into a tight knit family. Perfect we are so far from, but the bond my mom, dad, sister, brother – and their families share is finer than gold. I’m thankful for that because I could’ve been born into any other family but I wasn’t.

2. My diverse circle of friends.
My girls are literally the best thing ever. Sometimes I sit and wonder why on earth I got this lucky to have such strong, intelligent, funny, passionate, uplifting, selfless women in my life. No matter what we go through, we’ve been and will be there until we’re old and grey on porches laughing at eachother. I’m so thankful for them and their lives!

3. Cold mornings.
Unless I’m on a beach somewhere with blue water, give me all the cold weather! Especially in Houston, a humid-less day and a cool breeze will have me set for the day. Cold weather is my favorite.

4. Grace.
God’s grace has comforted me more in the last 6 months of my life than ever before. I don’t write about my faith too much and I have my own personal reasons as to why. However, knowing that nothing on the face of this earth, none of my ever wavering emotions, no moment or situation could ever make God love me any less is a very comforting and freeing fact.

5. My person.
Having one person that understands you, loves you unconditionally, encourages you, motivates you, balances you out, brings you back to reality when needed, listens to you, let’s you vent, cry, laugh, scream, can just sit there in silence with you, doesn’t judge you, never gets tired of you. Having just one of those is like hitting the jackpot. It’s better, in my opinion. If you’re reading this, I’m beyond grateful for you.

6. My mom’s texts.
Sometimes she’s funny, sometimes she’s giving me unsolicited advice. It’s usually one or the other, but I appreciate it more than she will ever know. I’m thankful each time I see “Mom” pop up on my notification screen because I know it’s always something I need to read in that very moment.

7. My dad’s phone calls.
I can’t go a couple of days without hearing from my dad. Every time he calls I know what he’s going to greet me with like clock work, it’s never much that he says but the fact that he calls me and I get to hear my dad’s voice is something I’m most grateful for.

8. Self awareness.
I’m thankful for knowing myself. In most cases it leads me to not being so hard on my failures and trials. I’ve come a long way in getting to know who I am and it’s given me such a different outlook on people and life. I am grateful for it.

9. My failures.
Failing. It means I’ve tried at something. Anything. It’s given me double the curiosity, power and courage to try again and again! It’s probably taken my until this year to fall in love with my failures even though I still get freaked by the thought of them from time to time.

10. Tears.
Ever since I was little I’ve gotten teased for being a cry baby, I used to think it was a bad thing. As I’ve grown and gone through my share of life I’ve learned to embrace them. They represent me feeling, having emotions, being human. I’m wired to be ruled by my heart, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I’m thankful for my tears that come easily.

11. Laughter.
If you’ve ever made me laugh, thank you! Laughing cures everything!

12. Being put out of my comfort zone.
This one is still tough for me but it’s been the cause of most of my growth and learning. Being put out of my comfort zone can be excruciating sometimes but the lessons and opportunities that come from it are never ending. I’m grateful for those moments and the people that put me there.

13. People who challenge me.
If you’ve challenged me to be better, I’m so thankful for you. Thank you for loving me enough to encourage me to go further, be better and to go for it!

14. Vulnerability.
Though it gets such a bad rep, I’m thankful for moments of vulnerability. I’ve learned it does not make one weak to be vulnerable, it actually makes them quite strong. To be able to put yourself out there for what you find most worth it. At the risk of pain or rejection. Being vulnerable in certain moments have brought me the greatest gifts I never imagined possible. Gifts I wouldn’t have ever experienced had I shut myself out. Vulnerability is always worth it, and I’m thankful for it.

15. Hangovers.
Ugh, yes. Hangovers. They’ve taught me to want to take care of my body more and more. They’ve helped me ponder and reflect on what’s really important and they’ve taught me hard lessons on what never to do again! So yes, hangovers, I’m grateful for you!

16. The ability to let go.
The source of all happiness I believe is the ability to let go. And though that’s way easier said than done, it’s played an incredible part in my life. I’m such a sentimental being. I get attached and I fear loss more than anything else, but letting go has served so much freedom in my life and I am extremely grateful for it.

17. Good food.
Need I say anything else?

18. Not really knowing what’s going to happen.
For so long I had my life planned out, knowing exactly how I wanted everything to go. I quickly learned life always has a way of surprising you. Things don’t always go our way. And I can’t elaborate on how thankful I am for that. As the seasons change and time goes by I’ve come to look forward to the future without having certain expectations. It’s not only saved me from lots of disappointment but it’s helped me live and love the present moment so much!

19. Being aware that no one has it all together.
I wish it didn’t take me so long to figure this out. I would’ve saved myself lots of anguish. No matter what status, situation, career, relationships, material possessions, etc any one else is in or has – NO ONE has it all together. Everyone is fighting some internal battle they’ll never post on Facebook. So be kind to yourself. This is life and it takes the entire span of it to figure out who we are. Enjoy it!

20. This kind of weird, oddly satisfying season of my life.
I’m so thankful for this stage of my life. I don’t have everything, I don’t have what society thinks I should, but I am so happy. And I am forever grateful.

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