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5 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Don’t Involve Restaurants, Movie Theaters or Gifts

5 Valentine Day Date Ideas That Don't Include Restaurants, Movie Theaters or Gifts!

5 Valentine's Day Ideas That Don't Involve Restaurants, Movie Theaters or Gifts Priscilla Wellness

Does anyone else get freaked out that retail stores have Valentine’s Day merchandise out like the day after Christmas? Holidays (all of them) mean business…. with a capital B. For the billions of dollars they make off of you and your significant other.

In the spirit of good old Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give you some ideas that don’t involve crazy reservations to fancy places with subpar food, jam packed theaters or you having to get into more debt to prove to your partner that you love them one day out of the year.

It might sound like I’m throwing shade at the 14th of February but in all honesty, I’ve never been an avid celebrator of Valentine’s Day. This is coming from a woman who’s an emotional, hopeless romantic that’s in love with love. The thing is, these gestures of grande love are more pressure than anything to be displayed on a simple day in February and should really be more intimate, genuine and spread out across the entire year.

By no means am I against celebrating this famous day, I just like to dig a little deeper when showing you care or celebrating your special someone.

Instead of the cliche dinner and a movie, or even a gift this year, how about trying one of the ideas below?


Yes, even if you hate it – cook along side each other. Cooking is actually a very intimate thing two people can do together. In a time where really good recipes are at our fingertips, you have no excuse as to what to make or how to make it. Get a good bottle of wine (or your drink of choice), print out the recipe and get to work. You’d be surprised what you could learn from one another while in each other’s presence making a meal.
Bonus points if you both go shopping for the ingredients together!


It may sound silly but who really doesn’t want to hear what their partner loves about them? Take a couple days to reflect on the qualities your significant other possesses that you can’t get enough of. Chances are they may not even have the slightest clue. It’s been proven that when a person is appreciated for something, it makes them want to continue to do it. So take this time to admire the qualities of your loved one.
Bonus points if you take turns reading them aloud to each other!


Puzzles, dominoes, board games, card games… the list goes on and on. Whether you’ve been together forever or just started dating, games are a fun way to take the stress of life away and challenge one another. It’s good quality time that doesn’t involve electronics. If you don’t already have something like UNO laying around your place, plan a trip to the store together and get a couple of games you both think would be fun!
Bonus points if you make sexy bets for whoever wins… or loses!


This one might be a little more work than just driving to the store for flowers and chocolate, but um… that’s the point! 😉 Music is extremely intimate and sometimes songs are able to capture our deepest emotions we aren’t able to explain on our own. I can guarantee it would make for a really special gift to have a playlist of songs that your significant other put together just for you and you for them. It’s unique, sweet and timeless.
Bonus points if you each pick a song to dance to together!


No matter the length of time you’ve been together, we can all agree we can never stop learning about our partners. In fact, one of the most important things we could ever do is keep up with each other’s change and growth. While this is an every day task, it’s often good to make it fun and interesting by setting time apart to ask interesting questions you may not have time to ask in the day to day. You can make up your own list or find one here! You’d be surprised at what you could learn from partaking in this activity together.
Bonus points if you try to guess the answers and get them right! But don’t be let down if you don’t.

So instead of making other establishments rich by spending money on the typical Valentine’s Day dates, why not invest in making your relationship richer by spending quality time together doing something that will feel more intimate than a fancy dinner and a gift? I understand that flowers and candy are deemed romantic but why go the obvious route when you could actually spend some fun, quality time interacting in a deeper way?

If you’re really up to make your Valentine’s Day a little different this year, plan to incorporate all 5 ideas together for the evening or even plan for a different day and go against the grain!

Are there any uncommon Valentine’s Day activities you and your partner do together?

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