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7 Ways To Celebrate World Mental Health Day (and every day)

World Mental Health Day

Mental health is not something you regularly hear people talking about in the office. We over hear coworkers talking about surgeries, being out sick with a cold and over all reasons for being ill are usually physical, having to do with strictly the body, not the mind.

For the longest, mental health has had some kind of social stigma. As if people are too embarrassed or afraid to openly talk about it. We often think What will they think of me? They’ll probably laugh or think I’m crazy…. Not realizing that nearly everyone struggles with some sort of mental health issue.

Anxiety, depression, overthinking, doubt, fear, and the list goes on.

I love seeing that this topic is being talked about more and more, specifically on social media. And while it’s still not talked about as openly as other health issues, it’s hard to not come across some kind of article that brings awareness to it.

The fact that our whole being resides in our mind should be enough for us to openly talk about these things. There is so much attention placed on physical fitness (which is great!) but the truth is, if our mind isn’t well, we aren’t well. We should strive for it to be our priority.

Here are some ways to celebrate World Mental Health Day not just today, but every day.

1. Meditate

There are so many mental benefits from mediation that seep over even to our bodies. Try sitting in silence and calming your thoughts for even 5 minutes of your work day.

2. Take A Walk

Studies have shown that a short 10 minute walk by yourself can improve your mood when you’re feeling sad or stressed.

3. Journal

I love keeping a gratitude journal that I write in each day. I take time to list out what I’m grateful for from the food I ate to a kind gesture from a stranger at the store. Being aware of moments you are thankful for have a huge affect on your mind and how you choose to see your circumstances daily.

4. Take Yourself Out to Lunch

Treat yourself not only to some good food for your lunch hour, but enjoy some solitude with it. Try to focus on being in the moment and not overthink anything not happening right then and there.

5. Listen to Calming Music

If you know me, you know I love some good rap and hip hop to workout to or get me through tough Houston traffic. However, I have my good amount of meditation and classical music to motivate me throughout my day. Especially at work, it helps keep me focused and has a calming effect on my mind.

6. Have a Conversation with a Trusted Friend

We all have our close tribe of people we call our circle. And while that’s much needed, in reality if we have, at most, one person who knows everything about us without judgement – we’re beyond blessed. I can count on one hand who those people are and have three fingers left over. Skip the drinks and head to a tea house or coffee shop to sit and just partake in a deep and honest conversation with each other about this topic.

7. Take a New Fitness Class

Get out of your comfort zone and take a mindful class like yoga or stretching. Something that will challenge not only your body but your mind. I signed up for a dance fitness class tomorrow that I’ve never tried before, I’m looking forward to that!

What are some things you like to do to take care of your mental health?

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