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Cure Them With Kindness

Cure Them with Kindness

Am I the only person on earth that absolutely loathes the phrase “kill them with kindness”?

Because I mean….. what are we really trying to do?

I understand the whole meaning behind it of course and though there are times that people can be ugly for what we think is no reason, truth is, everyone is fighting a battle internally one way or another. The concept of killing someone with kindness kind of defeats the whole purpose of, well…. kindness, no?

Instead of using kindness as a spiteful tool to make someone feel shitty, we should use it as what it’s really intended to do – heal people.

Most often others treat us in a reflection they see themselves in. If we detach from our reactions and our “me” mentality, we can learn to understand that the way people treat us usually has nothing to do with us. And while wanting to retaliate or make them feel how we do (angry, embarrassed, hurt, etc.) is so tempting, the truth is, they need that kindness most.

Genuine kindness. Not the type we put a front with to satisfy our own needing to not give in to their treatment.

It’s good for us to take a step back and question our own motives, and it’s good to do it often. We aren’t immune to being spiteful ourselves.

So the next time an opportunity arises to kill someone with kindness, I challenge you to bring it from a place of understanding, genuineness, and the desire to really make a positive impact on them. No one ever needs a taste of their own medicine, they need to experience kindness without an agenda. We need to give it out expecting nothing in return.

Cure them with kindness.

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