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February 2018 Wellness Budget + Gym Jams Playlist

Priscilla Wellness February Wellness Budget

Congratulations everyone! We’re finally out of the longest month ever, because did anyone else feel like January just kept going and going? I swear there were about 98 days in that thing.

Anyways, it’s officially February so that means a new playlist for the gym and along with new music to motivate you I’m starting a monthly wellness budget.


Well, it’s a budget. For my well-being. Just like a budget for your money, where you tell it where to go, what to do and set boundaries, I’m doing the same for my mind and body. Think of them as healthy intentions that are set and are consciously worked toward throughout the month. They can be anything from cutting out junk food to practicing stillness each day. Every month I will be sharing mine with you as accountability but also in hopes that you’d join me towards creating healthier habits as well.


  1. Cut out all alcohol for the month, yes even wine!
    It’s been like my third time giving this a shot. It’s not even that I drink every day, it’s just that alcohol doesn’t suit me. I’ve also been reading the plethora of negative effects it has not only on the body, but the mind. I even had a girls night out last weekend to have a couple last drinks – still woke up wondering why I even wanted to! Detox time.
  2. Don’t project my emotions onto others.
    I’m pretty hyper-sensitive. Though I love that about myself, I’ve learned through much trial and error that I can sometimes project my undesirable emotions on to others as a defense mechanism. This month I’m consciously making an effort to process my own feelings and asking myself what I can learn through them versus building up a wall.
  3. Do some type of cardio at least 3 times a week.
    Self explanatory. Especially because I hate cardio, it’s so boring but it’s extremely good for the heart and overall health.
  4. Be mindful of my reactions.
    I really want to master the art of not letting things get to me. It stems from me being so sensitive and it’s a good thing. However, I know reactions can sometimes cause more harm internally if I’m not aware of what needs my energy as opposed to what I shouldn’t give two thoughts about.
  5. Set and stick to a healthier sleeping schedule!
    You know that saying Jeezy made so famous, “I can sleep when I die?” well studies show if you don’t sleep, you’ll actually die faster. Interesting, huh? So this month I’m making plans to sleep more for my well-being. More sleep = better quality of everything. Wait was it Jeezy? Or Weezy? Either way, it’s super unhealthy advice so refrain from that part of the song.


Priscilla Wellness February Wellness Budget 2


In the spirit of the love month, I’ve put together a playlist of my all time favorite workout songs. No matter what mood I’m in they never fail to get my butt up and into gear! I absolutely love these songs and if they made the cut, they could never get old or played out for me.


1. Tell Em’ I Said That – T.I.
2. Til I Collapse – Eminem
3. Made You Look – Nas

So that’s my playlist and intentions in my wellness budget this month. I challenge you to join me by getting a piece of paper and listing out a handful of things you’d like to change for the better in yourself.

Let me know some of your all time favorite workout songs below and share some of your intentions with me!
I would love to read them. 🙂

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  • Reply
    February 1, 2018 at 11:56 am

    Awe!! I love this wellness budget! We should def set healthy intentions every month! My three would be:

    1) Floss everyday, because truth is it’s tedious and I hate doing it for some reason.
    2) Stick to my meal plan regardless of any special events or emotional days I may have.
    3) Go to bed early and workout every morning before work!

    • Reply
      February 1, 2018 at 12:48 pm

      Jennifer, these are so good!
      I agree with the flossing, it’s taken me quite some time to get that one down daily because it’s tedious like you said. But it’s really healthy for our hygiene. I’m also on the going to bed earlier train!

      Thank you for sharing!

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