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Hello Again!

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After not being in the mood to write about absolutely anything for the past three months or so, I am finally back in my creative spirits. I love writing and posting about wellness and recipes and just helpful info that works for me but recently I had hit this wall and I didn’t really care to get over it.

I had family in the hospital, I had to pause the workout class I was teaching on Saturdays, I finally pushed myself to make a decision I had been holding back on regarding some future plans. I also just didn’t feel like writing or keeping up with social media. It started feeling like a chore. And when things I love start feeling like obligations – writing, photography, reading, etc – I shut them out because they are no longer passions that bring me joy but instead create a sense of stress within me.

I didn’t want that, nor is it healthy for me, so I took time off.

A huge benefit from this was gaining a clearer and renewed sense of creativity and freedom. More direction as to topics and what I want to write about going forward.

It also helped me rest my mind and be more present with myself and with others.

I am excited to have the desire to write again and share my thoughts, recipes and my wellness journey with you guys! I missed interacting with y’all and felt overwhelmed by all the sweet messages I got from being away for a bit.

Have you ever took a break from something because you weren’t enjoying it as much as you used to? I’d love to read about it and how you got over it!

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