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November Gratitude Challenge

November Gratitude Challenge

A new month is officially upon us and I want to invite you to partake in my November Gratitude Challenge.

For several years now I’ve kept a gratitude journal where I list out what I’m thankful for each day. Some days it’s only one thing, other days it’s a lot! Doesn’t matter to me so long as I squeeze out at least something I’m grateful for, no matter what kind of day I’ve had.

November Gratitude Challenge

I’m a firm believer that gratitude changes everything. A shift in our mindset, no matter our circumstances, can work wonders on our wellbeing.

You see bad days, negative thoughts, depression, feeling overwhelmed, etc. can all be battled and overcome with being thankful for certain people/things/moments in your life.

What’s even better news is that they don’t have to be huge, monumental moments or things. Just a little gratitude can go a long way when you really get to identifying specifics and actually list them out.

Small positive thoughts can set the tone for your entire day and I want to challenge you this month to cultivate that habit.

So in the spirit of a new, clean month (not to mention it’s Thanksgiving season), I’m starting a November Gratitude Challenge and the rules are easy:

  1. Grab a new journal, nothing fancy. Just something to use as your designated gratitude journal, preferably new/unused.
  2. Each day write down something you’re grateful for it can be: a person, place, thing, moment – anything!
  3. The number of the day is how many you list. Example: November 1st, 1 thing. November 2nd, 2 things, you get it.
  4. You can utilize any time of your day to make your list, I usually do this before bedtime to reflect on my day and set the tone for the next day.
  5. Post what you’re grateful for using the hashtag #NGC and invite your family and friends to join you in these next 30 days.

It’s pretty easy the first week or so but as the days go by, it gets a little challenging having to come up with more to list. But that’s the whole point, getting stronger at identifying and noticing just how much good we have in our lives.

At the end of the challenge you’ll have a long list of blessings to look back on when you need to the most.

My goal is to have you keep this up not only through November, but every single day.

I will be posting my progress on Facebook and IG to keep myself accountable.

Share this with someone you think would like to join and benefit from my November Gratitude Challenge. I’d love to see everyone’s posts!

Are you up for it?

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