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Wednesday Wellness: Healthy Eating Is Too Time Consuming

Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Eating is Too Time Consuming

“I want to eat better but… it’s so time consuming, it’s so much work!”

So the issue here isn’t that mindful eating is too time consuming or hard work (which, it doesn’t have to be by the way, more on that a little later in the post), the issue is your list of priorities.

Instead of going down the list of things we do that are a lot of work, mentally and physically, every day to compare and contradict this excuse I’ll simply talk about how maybe looking after your mind and body may not be too far up on your priority list. Maybe it’s not listed at all.

Honestly, if you’re satisfied and happy with yourself and your health at this point, no matter where you are that’s awesome! Don’t even bother reading the rest of this post, click out of it and go about your day. The goal is to be at a good place with yourself and so if you are, I am genuinely excited for you!

My message is for the complainers, the ones that don’t feel all that great, know they can do better and maybe just want to know, how?

Here’s the secret, you have to really want it. Really, really. In your mind, in your heart, you have to desire this journey to better health. It’s the first and most important step and it starts with food.

You see, what we eat affects us to the very core. It affects our mood, our energy levels, our motivation, it even affects our decisions. There’s food that makes us better as a whole and then stuff we eat that gives us instant gratification yet deteriorates our health and vitality in so many ways. Junk makes us sluggish, lethargic, tired, agitated, stressed, unmotivated and that’s not even touching on what it does to our physical well being.

Making time to eat better is cruical.

Here are some ways to implement a wholesome eating lifestyle and making the most of your time:


Yes. Meal prep. I can’t stress enough how important this is, especially if you’re really pressing for time. Choose one day of the week to plan out your meals, shop, and prepare everything. Make a to-do list for this specifically, fit it into your schedule the way you fit in showering, eating, going to work and stick with it. When you have ready to eat meals in your fridge, you are so much more inclined to sticking with eating the right foods. Bonus: this saves you money!


Whether you like to cook or not, whether you know how or not, nothing is impossible. So find a good, healthy recipe and make this a family time thing. Include your kids in the process. I loved to watch my mom and grandmother cook when I was younger. I used to ask what I could help with because since I could remember, I loved everything about cooking. If you hate it, well learn little by little to like it. It’s a perfect time to bond with your significant other and/or children. If you’re single, use this time to unwind and reflect on your day or goals. Fall in love with making time for health while including your inner wellbeing and your family.


This will probably be an easier one because I mean, who doesn’t like to go out to eat? With so many restaurant review sites and blogs, it’s actually difficult not to stumble on recommendations. Instead of going to your usual Mexican or burger place, choose a new healthy restaurant to try out each week or however often you usually go out to eat. I know here in Houston the health food is booming and there’s a plethora of price ranges. From really fancy expensive to family of 5 price friendly to college student budget. Take some time to research and try it out!

Healthy eating is essential to our wellbeing.

How do you plan to start or stay on track? What are some ways you’re implementing this already?

I’d love to read your input below!

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    March 7, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Great idea, I should spend more time in the kitchen with the hubby and kiddos 🙂

    • Reply
      March 8, 2017 at 8:08 am

      Thanks you! Yes, family time in the kitchen is a great way to bond and spend time with loved ones. <3

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