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Wellness While Owning a Business With Jason Washington

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I recently had the opportunity to sit with Jason Washington and talk about business and wellness. I love the whole entrepreneur concept as much as the next person, but when you’re able to incorporate taking mindful care of yourself in the midst of running your own business, that’s where two really rewarding lifestyles combine.

Jason has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years, and though he’s ventured out to start his own company and pursues that full time, he’s had an entrepreneur spirit long before he ever thought of helping people buy and sell their homes.

Having a strong IT background, Jason has not only worked in that field but branched out as an independent contractor on his own before deciding to focus mainly on his realtor business.

More often than not, Jason has always had more than one source of income streaming in and while he’s putting all his focus on his real estate company now, he’s just getting started.

Apart from being naturally driven and keenly business minded, Jason has a passion for overall wellness. Through educating himself on the often unhealthy habits society has managed to implement as a whole, he strives to continuously make smart choices in health as time goes by. From cutting meat out of his diet to incorporating meditation and mindfulness into his life all together.

As we discussed certain aspects of business and health being equally important, we had a short Q&A to get a better feel on his take and experience on the two.Wellness While Owning A Business

1. When is the first time you had your own business?
I actually started my first business at the age of 19. It was a mobile detailing business and I still put myself through school while working other jobs at the same time.

2. What made you leave corporate america all together?
I just didn’t want to deal with all the politics of it. Along with feeling underpaid, I knew I could do for myself what no CEO or manager could ever do for me. They’re pretty much middle men of what we are capable of doing for ourselves.

3. With all the knowledge you have on several industries, what made you choose real estate?
Real estate is something everyone will always need. To be honest, it will always be around and there will always be people who need help with it. I have a passion for this industry that matches the passion to help others. So it’s perfect.

4. What sets you apart in such a cut throat industry?
My services are what set me apart from other agents. For example, I’m a credit consultant for all of my clients. I help them up their score to not just get them pre-approved, but the best rate possible. I also go the extra mile to seek out properties that will make good investments not just homes to sell them. My clients will always have the choice to what they want but I make sure they will not lose out in the long run no matter what they’re looking for.

5. What’s the biggest misconception others have when they find out you work for yourself?
That you’re not going to work as many hours. People usually think it’s easy and you don’t have to take orders. I actually have to work twice as hard because I don’t have a time card to clock in and out. I’m always on call. I’m the marketer, advisor, accountant, the PR, I’m the whole brand. I have no choice and at times it’s a lot tougher than a 9 to 5.

6. How do you find the time for wellness in your often full schedule?
It’s all about determination. I have to decide every day to be active and make conscious choices for my well being. In order for me to be successful I know I have to take care of myself with clear conscious and a clear mind. I often have to workout pretty late due to my time frame, but I make sure to get them in no matter what. There are days I also rest because that’s equally important.

7. You’re an avid believer in meditation, how has it affected your life?
It’s helped me become a more concentrated and focused individual. Being able to handle every day stresses of an entrepreneur. Before I go to bed I usually put my earphones in and fall asleep to a meditation segment. While I’m sleeping it stays on and sets the tone for the next day.

8. What’s your greatest piece of advice for those wanting to start their own business?
Be sure of yourself and weed out the doubts! You will face many challenges you will most likely not be prepared for. You have to have thick skin and be confident. They’re only obstacles in the way of your success. Don’t quit and you’ll get passed them. Believe in yourself!

9. If you had to live by one quote only, what would it be?
Just live and love. Simple.

Jason Washington is the owner and founder at Jasons My Realtor. He is a credit consultant and top real estate agent in Houston, Texas and it’s surrounding areas.




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